In order to get financial aid, you must first be eligible to receive since not everyone is entitled to financial aid. There are several different types of financial aid including private scholarships and state grants among others. Each of these types of aid have different rules on eligibility therefore before applying for any particular financial aid, you must first know whether or not you are eligible.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

There are some eligibility criteria that are similar regardless of what type of aid you are applying for. To receive aid from the federal government, you must demonstrate financial need, which means that you need to present the required evidence to prove that you are actually in need of the aid. You must have a valid Social Security number and you must be registered with Selective Service, especially if you are a male student.

Another requirement is that you must be enrolled in an eligible certificate or degree program as a regular student. You are required to maintain acceptable academic progress in career school or college. In addition, you must sign Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) statements stating that you have not defaulted on any federal student grants, you will use the aid for educational purposes and you are qualified to get a career school or college education.

How to Stay Eligible for Financial Aid

Getting financial aid is just one of the hurdles you will have to face. You must continue to stay eligible to get financial aid so that you are not cut off before you finish college or career school. In order to stay eligible, you must continue to meet the basic eligibility criteria. This is because these rules apply throughout the time that you will be receiving the financial aid.

You must continue making acceptable academic progress. To continue receiving the financial aid, you must maintain a good enough grade score and complete the required classes so as to complete your degree or certificate course successfully. Finally, you will need to apply for FASFA every year until you complete your course. Submitting renewal FASFA has been made easier since you can submit a renewal form at the FASFA website that retains your reported information from the previous year.